What are your photographic memories worth?

VALUE - When you book a session with me, you are getting a custom experience.  One that can't be reproduced with anyone else!!!!  Many times, I will spend an hour or more getting 20 or more GREAT photos for you and your family.  I also do special settings, like a tea party for young girls, and many others.

PRICING - is something that every photographer struggles with.  I can assure you that there is quite a large overhead for a photographer.  Most photographers will need to make at least $150 per hour just to cover the cost of doing business (without the cost of a studio space)!  I strive to keep my costs down as much as possible and to keep that hourly cost below this amount.

BEAUTY and ORIGINALITY - Another aspect that you do not receive with most photography packages is image editing.  I will edit out scars or wrinkles and brighten eyes and skin.  I  edit the entire image to be sure that it is a beautiful as possible.  Occasionally, I will offer a creative edit that will make that particular image an original work of art! Usually, I will provide both a regular edit and the creative edit for your review and let you decide what you like the best!

CAPTURE the MOMENT - I strive to capture personalities in my photos.  I am not too big on directing every detail of every part of the picture.  With Children, I LOVE to let them be themselves!  Capture those moments and silly faces as well as some posed images.

SPECIALTY - My specialty is Contemporary Glamour/Beauty Photos, Senior Photos, Families and Couples

For a full listing of prices and services, please contact me!  tracy@hewsonphotoworks.com